Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Start of my Journey!

Hmm, this is exciting. I used to not understand people who blog and I usually go like - 'why the fish do you want to show the whole world what you are doing or thinking about?!?!'

And now I'm starting a blog, hmm... (sorry to those I judged previously, peace) but then the world has since evolved into a different place with Facebook, Instagram etc etc and I guess my opinions on certain things has evolved as well.

I digress.

The purpose of starting this blog is for me to chart my own journey/progress towards my goal of FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) within 10 years (10 is a stretch target, worst case scenario 15 years!), share useful tips and reminders which I can look back on years down the road.

I've always shared things I found useful with my wife on WhatsApp but don't have a way of tracking all those useful tips which could only be applicable few years later (I recently read some articles/tips on how to teach children about money/investment and I cant possibly use that now with my son being 1 year old...) so.. Tada, just thought this can be something I utilise.. and it definitely will be interesting to look back at my thoughts many years down the road..
Of course, if any of my posts manage to help or inspire anyone, woah! I'll be really glad!

Anyway, about me. I'm a Singaporean man married to a woman (who says that I am Niao.. more on that in a subsequent post) with a healthy 1 year old boy and an average (I think?) paying job. Life is great! Born and bred in Singapore - I think Singapore is a great place to be in although I always hear people complaining about this and that...Personally I feel that there's a lot to be thankful for rather than grumbling about almost everything else which most some people seem to do.

Having said that, I am guilty of complaining about money as well (who doesnt?!?!) and being a millionaire or not having to work for a living used to sound like a pipe dream to me - until mid last year when I decided I need to take charge of my money and I attended free investing/finance 1 or 2 books... and I talked to a good friend of mine about how he invests (which i never do btw... and he introduced me to...... Mr Money Mustache

BOOOOMZ. Mind Blown.

I went full crazy, siao on reading and absorbing every single post of MMM (my wife still thinks I'm crazy) and once I finished, I started doing a lot more research on the topic of Early Retirement, Personal Finance and the like and hidden in the internet was a treasure trove of information that I was oblivious to.

I THOUGHT I was considered frugal by society's standard but being introduced to the Personal Finance Community on the Internet blew my mind and made me realise I was just.. Meh.

I keep asking myself/my wife why I hadn't found MMM / the FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) community earlier in my life - but oh wells, at least I found it eventually, never too late to start!

Good luck to myself and to you if you are on the journey to FIRE too!

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