Thursday, 5 April 2018

Story of my blog name..

I was thinking of what to name my blog and recent events/conversation flowed through my mind.....

Last Saturday, I brought my son for his first haircut ever.

My son is 14 months old and he was born with a head full of hair. There was a number of instances whereby people mistook him for a girl and there have been many comments of mei mei and jie jie..
I think this is due to his big eyes and long hair and we sometimes tie his hair up in the middle, which totally doesnt help, haha!

I refused to cut his hair previously cause he was just so damn cute and handsome! Why need to cut?!?!

Almost everyone I know has been bugging us and asking us when are we going to bring him for a haircut.. so long already.. go cut la.. yada yada... Then one day my wife mentioned that his hair was indeed growing too long, untidy and kept poking his eye.... Deep inside I agreed la... And somehow I had a fear he will have identity crisis (am I mei mei or didi?!?!!).. HAHAHA! Damn ridiculous right?

So anyway.. we finally relented and decided to bring him for his first haircut.. With the discussion now moving on to... WHERE and HOW?!?!?!

You see.. My wife goes to this hairstylist where each haircut is about 20/30 plus bucks and she wants to bring baby to this place... Whereas for me I suggested let's cut his hair ourselves... Because.. what can go wrong with a baby's haircut right? Haircut done wrong will also look so damn cute on babies, no?!?!!

A very short summary of how the argument conversation went

Me: Let me cut his hair la, no need to bring him go salon and waste money

Wife: You crazy ah? Later you cut until him how? You want to cut your hair yourself you go ahead you don't spoil my son's image please. 

(this was in Mandarin and I translated it directly.. My wife's english is much better I swear)

So you can infer how the majority of the conversation went... 

As they say.. Happy Wife, Happy Life! So I bowed to the queen's will and adhered to her wishes.
She went ahead to message her hairstylist for an appointment and VOILA! The hairstylist was not available! She then agreed that we will just head to the neighbourhood market nearby and go to any salon that's available. Deep inside I went 'YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!' 

On the day itself.. we went to the market area and had our breakfast before heading to the salon. There was a Snip Avenue there and another 1 or 2 salon and we brought baby to Snip Avenue. For those of you who don't know, Snip Avenue is this place whereby they have haircuts for adults at just $3.80 and according to my friend, they have a package for 10 cuts at $28 which is $2.80 per haircut! I think my wife didn't know this place was that cheap and just before I went in, she saw the price and stopped me. Actually I already knew this place was in the neighbourhood and wanted to sneakily bring my son there but I diam diam cos I know she will reject immediately if I suggest going to a $3.80 place.

ANYWAY.. she saw the price (cos it was PASTED BIG BIG on the entrance) and the conversation went...

Wife: you really want to cut his hair here?

Me: Yea (poker face)

Wife turning slightly inpatient: Don't want la you also don't know if they will have the patience to cut baby's hair or not 

Me: Can one la, how you know they no patience to cut, pay more means got patience meh? sure got kids come here cut one ma

Exasperated wife with very annoyed look: Whatever la whatever la 

Are you thinking that I won the 'battle'??? For a moment I contemplated really going ahead with it.. But I knew that I won't hear the end of it if I really went ahead and my baby came out looking like they used a bowl to cut.. which is quite cute also!

Remember... Happy Wife, Happy Life.. So I gave up and we went to the nearby salon which cost us $13... Not very expensive as compared to what I agreed to initially.. But.. you already know what I think about baby haircuts so I still feel that it's a waste of $$$$...

Even though my wife got her way, she still nagged commented over the whole weekend that she cannot understand why I want to bring my son to that place to cut and that I'm really very niao...

Yup.. so that's why 'Wife Say I Niao'

What do you think? Would you cut your baby's hair yourself /choose the cheaper options or you are on the same page as my wife?


  1. Hi Wife say I niao,

    Hahaha, your nickname is too funny so I had to drop by. Anyway, I am someone who goes Snip Avenue because you know ladies' hair, cut also nobody notice. I cut my 2 year old daughter's hair and will continue to do so.. so hi 5 in our thinking!

    Glad you got the downgrade you wanted from $30+ hair stylist to $13, that's very good + Happy wife = infinite returns! :)

    1. Hi Jes,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Did you cut your daughter's hair all along? How did you manage to have her sit still while you do the cutting? Need some tips from you!
      I should show my wife this and let her know its doable! HAHA!

      But yes I should be positive...saved around 20 bucks already better don't complain!

    2. Hi Wife say I niao,

      Yep, I cut my daughter's hair/nails by finding things for her to focus on. For hair, we got those toys for her to play with the water in the shower room while I cut. It's gonna be crooked but really not noticeable. My trimming skills get better too as I practice, haha!

      Well, you will definitely meet many 'niao' people in this community, not sure your wife will like it! :P

    3. Thanks! Doing it during shower time seems like a good idea! Maybe I'll sneak in a trim when my wife doesn't notice.. :p

      Well.. I would like to think my wife is proud of me being thrifty/frugal.. But I think it only irritates her when I am being thrifty on the things she cannot tahan! Haha!

      To be fair, I think I'm not stingy when there's a need to spend! I think there's a difference between being cheap and thrifty.

      I definitely don't think most of the 'niao' folks in this community people are actually niao!

  2. Hi Wife say I niao,

    I dropped by because I can relate with the name and experience. Hahaha. My own haircut is done at Snip Avenue. lol.

    1. Hello KPO,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      I saw your comments on a few blogs before and didnt realise your KPO stands for Kiam Pok Ong... We are kindred spirits! Haha!

      Seriously Snip avenue and Kimage haircuts don't look really different.. especially for me when I just cut short and neat and don't even style my hair.

      (yes sadly there was a time where I spend $40+ on haircuts, sigh)

    2. Hahaha. I think a lot of people does not know what it stands for too.